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Odd Prolapse Hemipenes


Adult Gecko
3 Year Member
Hey everyone!

My gecko Zeus is turning 8 years old. He had a Hemipenes prolapse awhile back and the vet removed them.

Four years later, Zeus has another prolapse! It looks like a hemipenis but how can that be when they were removed? Perhaps it’s rectal?

It just came out yesterday but already looks necrotic. Black at the top and completely red and swollen where it isn’t black. Looks horribly painful. Would a rectal prolapse go necrotic that fast?

Also, any suggestions as to how to keep him comfy till I can see a vet? I’m doing sugar baths and putting wet paper towel down as his substrate. Should I still try to pop it back in with the q tip despite it being black at the end?

I have an appointment a week from now, which is WAY too long but the exotic vet is fully booked this week. I’m calling every morning to see if there’s a cancellation it get him in sooner.

Also tips on how and what products to use to keep it clean so I can help inhibit infection?

You guys rock!
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Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
I think you're doing whatever you can do, assuming he's not on a particle substrate. I think you should call the vet back Monday and tell him/her that this is an emergency.



Adult Gecko
3 Year Member
Thanks Aliza!

So fortunately I was able to get him to the vet today. The same that did his surgery last time. Apparently during the first surgery they didn’t take his entire Hemipenes out. So the black part ended up being a weird sperm plug that she just popped out and what’s left of his Hemipenis went back in no issue and got stitched up! Only 250 too which isn’t a bad price for having to sedate him to fix it all up.

All in all, happy ending this time for Zeus!