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My leopard Gecko terrarium

Pierre Blais

Gecko Egg
Hi I would like to know others opinions on my set up.I set it up so my gecko could easily climb and when I showed this to a breeder she told me that Leopard geckos do not climb.I made it easy to climb for any lizard and it didn't take long for my gecko to climb to the top on top of the leaves about 1 inch from the top door.If anyone reading this would like their gecko to climb I found the way.Here are a couple of photos.I have loved animals all my life and being retired never thought I'd have more than a cat but at Christmas I gave a fully equipped terrarium with a leopard gecko to my nephews dauther and had it at my home for 3 days and I got hooked.



Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
Although leopard geckos are terrestrial, they can definitely climb if they want to. Yours looks great. I'm assuming that the stacked pieces are stable and unlikely to be moved (so as not to trap or crush the gecko).


Pierre Blais

Gecko Egg
Yes everythung is very stable.He climbs every day sometimes for half an hour sometimes a whole day.He seems to enjoy being high up.When I open the latch I pet him on the head and seems to enjoy that