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Feeding a rescued baby (~1.5in) Mediterranean House Gecko


We found a small (about 1.5in in length) gecko in a bathroom last night and decided to raise it. We learned that there are 2 gecko species common to AZ - the Mediterranean House Gecko and the Western Banded Gecko. From the bumps on our gecko's back as well as the stripes on its tail, we think that it's the former - attaching a photo.

After reading about enclosures, temperature, water + humidity, food, etc., we set up a 10-gal terrarium today. We put a mealworm in front of the gecko tonight, however it doesn't seem interested in it. How long does it normally take for a gecko to eat a mealworm?



Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
It's very hard to see the picture, but I actually think it's a banded gecko. The striped tail is more characteristic of the banded geckos and also the house geckos are arboreal and will climb up the side of the enclosure. A gecko in a new place will often not eat for awhile. You could also try small crickets (1/4" should be fine) which move around more.