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Enclosure for Leopard Geckos?????


Gecko Egg
I am new to owning reptiles but believe in taking the best care of any pet I may have Loucille my adult leopard gecko is no different. I have researched and researched everything I can about her. Even bought a Leopard Geckos for Dummies book. And I know even with all this I formation I have to pay attention to her personal likes and dislikes. When I first got her she stayed in her warm hide all the time. She was on day/night heat bulbs. I bought a uth and switched them out to get rid of the light. She quit going to her warm side all together. Stayed directly in the middle so I switched to a ceramic heat emitter. She started going back to the warm side but won't go in her hides. Is this normal? I thought they loved hides? She seems healthy. Just she'd yesterday for the 1st time and went in a hide to do that but came out after awhile and was good as new. Should I be concerned?

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Gecko Grandparent
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They tend to get an idea of where they want to be and that's where they are until they get a new idea. I have a lot of leopard geckos (you don't want t know!). Some are in their hides, some are outside their hides and a few like to sit on top of their hides. Go figure.