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Breeding first time maybe


Gecko Egg
Can a female leopard gecko breed for only one season? Follow up question: Can a male and a female live in a tank without breeding? Thanks


Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
I'm not sure what you mean by breeding for one season. If you mean can a female be bred, lay eggs etc. for one season and then tolerate not being bred the next season --yes, definitely. If you mean something else you'll have to clarify. When I was breeding I would keep my males with the females for the whole season (one male in each enclosure with 1-3 females). The males all tried breeding with the females. I had a few females who didn't ever produce eggs so I knew I could safely put them with a male and not have to worry about offspring. In just about all cases, the males were very interested in breeding early in the season but pretty much lost interest by the middle of the summer.