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    Hey ac, I was wondering what would be an AFT-edible caterpillar. (Besides silkworms and...

    Hey ac, I was wondering what would be an AFT-edible caterpillar. (Besides silkworms and hornworms) Also, it seems most caterpillars in my area are around 2 dollars each, are there any cheaper ones?
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,

    Looks like copy and paste to me, and even if this was real what does it have to do with geckos?
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    What insects would my AFT like? (See details)

    Alright, thanks. The thing about buying online is they sell like a minimum of 25 horn/silk worms and they die within a few days, so it's not really worth getting all of those. Although if you could find a trust worthy sight that sells silkworms in small quantity, that would be great! Also, I'm...
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    Some help please?

    Hello Wg25, Since it's not life and death shed (although some shed can) I can give you some advice to of getting it off. 1. Get a bowl big enough to fit your gecko, it must be shallow 2. Fill the bowl very shallowly with warm water 3. Put your gecko in 4. Get your hands wet and gently...
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    New Geckos. Morphs? And are they okay?

    Wow, I've never seen such poor quality from a pet store.
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    What insects would my AFT like? (See details)

    Hi guys, I have a male AFT who refuses to eat crickets, meal worms, wax worms, and many more basic pet store foods. However, he has ate silkworms, hornworms, and butter worms. (I don't feed him butter worms often, because they are fatty) The problem is my area is running out of silkworms and...
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    Feeding my gecko

    Have you tried silkworms? ;)
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    Ideal terrarium/vivarium? (See details)

    Alright, thanks for the advice! I see in your terrarium you have a plastic 'separator' if you will. Is that what you meant by quarantined? Or does it have to be somewhere completely different? Also, this has nothing to do with the question but what are those cups full of brown powder it looks...
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    Ideal terrarium/vivarium? (See details)

    Hi guys, I have an African Fat tailed gecko in a 10 gallon terrarium. -This is the main question I'm looking for a terrarium/vivarium that is suitable for a male and a female fat tailed gecko, I'm willing to spend a good amount of money. Thanks...